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What does this dream mean?

In my dream...I was about 19-21...I was really young...then my mom found dirty mags under my bed...which is really wiered...Then there was this guy He was a dirty blond...He looked like someone in college...He was caucasion ...In my dream we just suddenly apered in a biulding...It was a really tall one with a great view...then It was like somthing from a romance book...we began to kiss ...I woke up in the morning and he was there with a smile on his face...Can anyone tell me what the dream meant?...

P.S he was super hot!

The beginning of your dream could symbolize a sort of containment you may have felt as a teenager or young adult. Your mom finding dirty magazines under your bed shows that you had to hide parts of your life from her and also means that she may not have approved of these parts of your life. Also, the magazines represent a sexual struggle, whether it was internal and discovering your own sexuality or external with new experiences. The second half of your dream represents a break through. The college boy represents someone who has begun to get a strong hold on their life. The building's size represents bigger and better things, while its view signals your new found freedom. Since the college boy is with you in this building, this could mean that he is the source of this freedom and better life. The kiss means that you are no longer in a "discovering" state when it comes to your sexuality. You've discovered it and you're confident in it!

In Jungian Psychology, he'd be a messenger from your inner self. In Greek mythology, Hermes the messenger is (obviously) a Hermaphrodite.
I'd say he's telling you to love yourself AND telling you to love yourself for being gay..just a guess.

You might be gay and your mom finding your dirty mags means that you are ashamed of your sexuality.

Well, sonds to me like your Gay lol YOUR AWESOME FOR THAT! lol sorry... I think it means your going to find a hott guy and you guys are gonna get freaky. OR you just had a weird dream and it means nothing at all. GAY PEOPLE ROCK!

Well I just think it was a good dream, you obviously were kissing a guy you were attracted to so, I don't think it has much meaning to it, but it was a good dream!



It means you ate too much pizza before going to bed.

You should post this question in Psychology section, (is there one?)

Don't over analyze dreams.

It means you like boys

maybe you feel ashamed of your sexuality, like you have to hide it from people like your parents. and you just want to be alone and feel free with your sexy gay boy

Means nothing.

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