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What does this dream mean?

Last night, I had a dream that I was in this hotel. I don't remember who I was there with, it was a guy though. I remember that there were lots of rooms and I went into one, and he was there, on the bed. There was also a snake there. I think it was black. I remember I got really scared, because I am very scared of snakes, and I started to back away and walked out of the room, but the door was still open. As soon as I walked out, there was another snake. I made a sudden movement, because I got even more scared, and the snake from the bed jumped at me. It was coming right at me, but I quickly pulled out a knife and I cut it until it was dead. I guess it just ended from there, because I dont remember anything else.

It seems that most of my dreams are about snakes. I dont have them too often, but the only dreams I really remember from when I was younger have been about snakes. So, I was just wondering what this dream means.

To start out with, I'm not sure what anything in the dream means. I don't think that dreams for-tell the future, but instead, are about our hopes and fears. Sometimes they can include things from TV, indigestion from something we ate, etc.

I can speculate about possible meanings and if you see some connection to your life, maybe the speculation was on the mark.

The first thing that I think of when you say you went into a motel with a man and that you found him on a bed; is that there is some sexual meaning to this. Maybe a new relationship that you're not sure of.

A snake can symbolize satan, sex, or a penis, or something I don't know about. The first thing I thought of was maybe that you are a virgin and planning on having sex with your b/f but that you have conflicts with your morals.

I do suspect that your killing the snake with a knife indicates that you have either successfully solved the issue that you are dealing with or you have made a decision that will eventually resolve the issue.

For sure, the snake represented some danger you are concerned about and the fact that you killed the snake even though you were afraid is a very powerful and positive factor.

I hope something I have said was helpful. God bless you now and all your life.

Well snakes are a bad sign which means that you are afraid of them or just stay away from this guy if you can. The guy can maybe break your heart or if i am wrong about the guy then it is just a scared feeling about the snakes cuz i had a dream about snakes and it was scary and i am afraid of them so plus the black doesn't sound good with snakes so just be careful if you are dating

u say the dream might have something to do with being engaged & a virgin. maybe u subconsciously feel tempted to cheat on him & have sex cos u saw a guy in ur hotel bed, & the snake lunging towards u.

a snake was the creature that tempted eve to grab an apple from the tree, so it symbolises undisirable temptation.

it means you are really a lesbian and hate penis. Your mind and put the two together as the same thing.

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