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What does this dream mean?

I had a dream about being in the hometown I was raised in. My bf was with me at the time. The bridge to the island collisped, only creating a walk way to the island. The island was slowly going underwater. Then out of no where, This giant Red Dragonfly like person came up out of the water. This dragonfly women started conning people to cross the bridge...I dont know what was happening to the people that crossed it, all I can remember it was bad and I was trying to stop it. If you can please help me by letting me know what my dream might mean...please help.

Are you seeing changes in your hometown that distress you? Sometimes, we have fond memories of a simpler life, a more innocent, sweeter place, and over time that place grows larger and changes. Or, maybe we just become more aware of the negative aspects of the place.

The dragonfly woman is a creature of the air. TV, radio, internet, etc. may be referred to as being transmitted through the air. You know... air waves. So, somehow, perhaps, through the media, the less innocent, more evil influences of the world have reached your "sweet little island."

OR, more people are being influenced to leave that place of goodness (like Mayberry) by the evil influence, and that island of goodness is disappearing entirely.

I pray that, even if your hometown is not what you remember it to be, that you and your bf choose to follow the good ways, the true ways that lead to life, honesty, goodness, even if the entire world and the devil (himself or herself) do all in their power to stop you.

The choice is up to us, individually, whether we stand firm for what is good and right, even if we are like an island in a sea of garbage. Make you own home and life and island. The more of us who choose to do that, the more influence we can have against the evil that wants to destroy all that is good.

hometown you were raised in = things you can't change
bridge collapsed = losing support
giant red dragonfly = fear, threat

You may be feeling helpless about things you can't change. You may also be feeling lack of support in general. Projecting giant red dragonfly could mean you have some obstacle in life. That may have something to do with the relationship with you boy friend. Perhaps, there is some force that is against your boy friend. The bridge collapsed suggests that you are in lack of support. That may have something to do with the relationship you are in, and you vent out your feeling in this dream.

i think it means that you love your boyfriend and he is a constant and true thing in your life. the crossing the bridge might mean that your maybe running out of options and the giant red drangonfly could be the main problem in your life. compare that dragonfly with whats wrong in ur life . your a brave person as i can tell form your dream because you were trying to take action ! :]

but nice dreams anyways;*

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