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What does this dream mean?

so last night i cut (not for the first time) before i went to sleep and then i had a dream that a girl in my class, (someone who i never talk to) she was wearing like the school skirt and she accidentally moved her leg and her skirt like moved too far up her leg and just revealed all these cuts on her leg. i cut on my legs so i want to know, is this dream telling me that this girl cuts or if i do something at school by accident, that someone might see my cuts.. it's scaring me because no one knows i do it.

Your dream really doesn't mean anything... I've had weird dreams that encounter the same situations/experiences that happened the day of the dream.
As for the cutting, you should find a different way to express anger/sadness/guilt... cutting isn't healthy. And it's horrid when you try to wear shorts in summer... or go swimming for gym. Trying to cover them up by crossing your legs... or pulling down your shorts... it's difficult. Looking at people's eyes making sure they don't see the faded, yet still visible scars..
a healthier alternative would be wearing a rubber band at all times, and when you feel the need to cut, just snap the rubber band on your skin.
Just my opinion.
Good luck, I wish you the best.

Since you cut, your brain is subconsciously telling you to STOP it. Cutting is not emotionally healthy, so your brain is sending signals and messages to try to ward you off of it. I'm not going to tell you to stop cutting because only you have the power to make that decision. It does not necessarily mean this girl cuts.

Truthfully dreams just represent your feelings, id say that is a sign to stop cutting, it really does nothing for you. Try coping via music, or poems, Poe talking to friends. That dream represented someone finding out.

It seems to me that part of you is aware that your cutting could be discovered this way and has the associated guilt which that entails. You have a subconscious fear that someone will find out that you're cutting yourself.

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