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What does this dream mean?

last night i had a dream that i lost all of my teeth...what does that mean?

So you're just going about your business and all of the sudden a tooth falls apart and drops out of your mouth. And that was weird, and then another and another. Soon enough your mouth is just a mess, when minutes before everything was perfectly normal.

First and foremost you shouldn't assume that it has to mean anything. Sometimes a dream is just a dream.

However, dreams about teeth falling out, losing your hair or various other dreams of that nature can often just mean you're feeling anxiety about life unraveling and going badly in a hurry. Perhaps you've been worried about other aspects of your life falling apart all of the sudden.

Do you have problems that have been looming over your head that you've been trying to stay ahead of for some time? Are you having trouble at work and you've been afraid you might lose your job at some point? Has school work been mounting up and you're worried that you might not be able to keep on top of it? Do you have a lot of bills that you're not sure if you'll be able to pay off, like a mortgage bill that seems too big or credit card debt that's been mounting up?

These are the types of situations that can cause a dream of that sort. If you're worried that your life might be falling apart and it's only a matter of time before things start working their way loose and falling out. Your brain has had all these thoughts about things falling apart in your life that it can easily turn that anxiety into a little dream about your teeth just falling out of your head all of the sudden.

Dreaming of teeth generally represents how you are feeling about yourself. Losing your teeth would mean that you look bad, and that could be what you are feeling at the moment. It is all about appearance. Someone / Something has knocked your confidence and you are having appearance issues. You just have to remember that beauty is from within, not on the exterior. You can still be a beautiful person even if you don't have teeth :-)

I've also read in dream interpretation books that teeth falling out does a specific meaning. I personally believe that whatever you connect to the feeling you got from the dream is truly the meaning. Did it make you scared; what have you been scared of lately? Is your subconscience trying to warn you? Does it make you think of someone right away? Are you worried about this person, etc. It's usually your subconscience trying to remind you of what you otherwise overlook while you're awake.

i read somewhere that this is a fear to impotence. whether it is sexual or not, im not sure.

mayby you need to brush them more.

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