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What does this dream mean?

I was outside of this huge building that I think was an arena, but it was my school on the inside. And there were three helicopters in the sky. Two were silver and one was red and green. They crashed into buildings all around us and caused massive explosions. My school was panicking and this giant with blond hair came down out of the sky and released a gold mechanical snake that started eating cars on a highway. Then a spaceship came down and a little robot came out and asked me where my father was. Then I was inside the building with thousands of people and we were all standing on a mountain of sand trying to cut perfect circles of it . It was the last day of school and by the time I got outside everyone was gone except for Kenji (one of my closest friends that moved to Japan last year), Kurtus (my 4 year old nephew, Amanda (his mom and my sister in law). Kenji was rolling around a suitcase and I picked Kurtus up and hugged Amanda and went over to see Kenji. I am now outside of my elementary school. I ask Kenji if he will ever move back here or visit me but he doesn't answer and he just looks at me. Then Karsten (my brother, who's married to Amanda and Kurtus is their son) rolls up in his red jeep and he's wearing his army uniform, but I'm not happy to see him even though I haven't seen him for a year. Then I went to tell Kenji bye and hug him and I'm about to kiss him on the cheek, and that's when I wake up..

that sounds like a movie like a big baby running in San Francisco? it reminds me of that big baby movie because the blond person is a giant?

I think this dream means there's a big giant trying to consume your life's material possessions... because this big blond eats the cars and then the robot comes from the sky it means theres help coming your way to prevent you losing your cars and lifes materials... who could it be who wants to take all your material possessions away? i dont know because im just some little person in the internet... but try to remember if theres anyone who hated you at the wedding of your friend who moves to Japan, could it be your sister in Law? this sounds like a soap opera scenario.

Good Luck with finding out your secret enemy!

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