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What does this dream mean?

I was walking around this amazing hotel when this professional-looking woman came up to me and grabbed my arm. She dragged me into this little room with doors on either side of it, and a huge window with a ledge along the top of the room. She kept threatening me and telling me that she'd kill me, so I shoved her out of my way and climbed up the wall, and laid sideways in the window at the top of the room. She couldn't reach me, so she walked out, locking both the doors. She told me that if I got down, I'd die, and if I stayed there, I'd die.

I needed to get out the window, so I called this little bird that was flying around the room and told the bird to crack the window open. The bird somehow cracked the window open, but I heard the door on the left begin to open, so I pounded on the window with my fists instead, and my knuckles got all bloody and started to sting, but I managed the break the window out. The window I was laying in was 100's of stories above the ground, but I rolled out of it anyway.

Then, as I was falling, I took my jacket off and tied the hood over my head and tucked the sleeves into bracelets on my wrists and it carried me across the city, eventually turning into a pair of wings. I flew on the wings where I met two other girls who looked just like me, one older and one younger. We all flew in a row away from a bunch of women who looked like the first one. The dream ended when the three of us were roped together and pulled from the sky, about to crash into a pool of water on top of another building.

What does this mean? It was a cool dream, but it was also pretty weird.

If you were to draw some meaning from this, I would suggest that the 'professional' woman in the dream was your mother (or a mother figure) and the hotel represented a comfortable home life - the only thing stopping you from enjoying it was this woman (mother).
When you considered escape, however (climbing the walls), she told you essentially that staying home would be hard, but moving out would be even harder - or that's what she wants you to think anyway.

But you tried again anyway, risking the hostilities of falling free.

In the dream now, you managed to use your knowledge to save yourself (floating against the odds) and become stronger, despite the hardships.

The two older girls may either represent older/younger versions of yourself or two friends of yours whom symbolise freedom, yet somewhere in your heart you feel that if you tried to escape (leave home etc.) you would be compelled to return to your point of origin, whether you choose to or not.

I would also advise you, however, that dreams are merely reflections of your internal monologue - nothing psychic or future-seeing; So try not to do anything brash.

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