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What does this dream mean?

Ever have one of those fantastic dreams that seems so real...and then you wake up in such a sad, disappointed mood?
I did, last night.

It's a bit unclear, but I somehow had the chance to sail around the world, on a little boat - sailboat, catamaran, something. It would have been cool, the experience of a lifetime

Things kept getting in the way; I couldn't get to a radio to call the person who was going to take me.
Or a computer.

And once I did, there were these chicks who were hogging them, or the music was too loud to use the radio.

And the whole time I was on a ferry boat, getting closer and closer to the island (where I actually live in real life) and I knew that once I got there, the chance for this trip would be lost.

And that ferry docked. And I woke up.

And was sad...because it meant I was still stuck here in the same stupid life, still have to go out and get some stupid job, hang with the same stupid people and do the same stupid dr*gs, etc.

So what's it mean?

the sea is the people, the boat is you as a vessel.
You are having awareness of what others are doing and not at not of what YOU want to be doing.
This dream tells me that you have had opportunity to change your life, your life style, and an uncanny ability to set and reach goals.
Your reaction tells me that you WANT to do this, (cause change in your life).

Listen for ideas. When you are with people who YOU look up to LISTEN to hear the words, YOU SHOULD. and take their advise until you feel confident enough to chart yoru own course.

You are going to be going through some great NEW and EXCITING things very soo! Wear a life jacket! (meaning stay close to your mentors and away from people who get in your way. )

This dream embodies a lot of your personal aspirations and the obstacles that have presented themselves. A dream that seems to have significance to you probably carries inner meaning.
I would present the following interpretation to you:
Your life journey and dreams are filled with excitement and lofty aspirations because you are an adventuresome person...many would say a lazy daydreamer. But yet life is made of dreams! Your dreams of success can be real in whatever you apply yourself to, but distractions and loud voices of criticism get to you and deter you from your dream. Time is of the essence, don't be afraid to take the risk. Don't allow others to impose what is more important than YOUR DREAM. Critics, voices of skepticism and hurdles will always be in your life. But your dream is bigger than any of them. DREAM ON!

Someone is about to offer you something that you cannot refuse, but you must heed possible obstacles that could obstruct your route to happiness.. Find the person who could change your life for the better, and make sure you are oblivious to these obstacles, because they could potentially stop you from being happy...

Or maybe it was just a dream...

But maybe, just maybe, someone or something is trying to tell you that you have a chance to make something happen, to get away from a dull life, or to make it simply better...

I'm only 16, so I am not used to these kind of once-in-a-life-time opportunites, but that is my personal interpretation of that dream, and how it shows a life of simplicity and bliss in comparison to a work-orientated life...

Hope this helps, and I hope it goes well.

Dreams have diffrent meanings in them, the boat is you on the river of life, the raido/computer is your connection and the girls are the oppstical in your way, this dream may be telling you to beware of the oppstical stopping you from having what you want out of life, and/or reasses who you have around you now in your life

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My personal interpretation is that there is something you are running away from. Or, you know your potential but aren't living up to it because of comfort...do you fear change/risk?

It sounds like you are looking for change in your life, but you feel that others are preventing it. Keep trying, you can do it!

im no sure if it means anything. but possible it means that there are things you want to do with your life and these technology and female problems represent the obstruction

Get rid of the barriers in your life that are preventing you from acheiving your goals...

You need to take a trip somewhere other then a island

isnt it obvious? that u wanna get away and ur worrying about loads of obsticles which arent actually reli that important to stop u...

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