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What does this dream mean?

Hello everyone!

I got a worrying dream a couple of days ago.

My dream was about my girlfriend and someone else who neither she or me knows anything. I was not in dream, so to speak, I just was like a ''ghost'' who was watching everything. Both of them took pills and committed suicide, I don't know why, they didn't even have a sad face, they just did it!

I don't know who the girl was or why they did what they did, I have been having problems with my girlfriend but, it doesn't mean she is going to die, does it?..

Should I worry too much? My girlfriend doesn't know about my dream yet.

Thanks in Advance!

Even though you didn't see your self in the dream itself, but watched, indicates that the "ghost" as you put it, is your higher self, so the dream is about you, and the situation your in with the girlfriend.

No your dream don't indicate a physical death, but it can indicate a death of lets say the relationship.

The unknown girl in the dream can actually be you, or an aspect of you. What part of you or even of the g/f are you trying to put to death so to say?

Some times the difficult part is realizing that things can no longer continue as they are, and that its time to move on. The truth can be hard to swallow as they say, or even just as damaging is swallowing a lie because we don't want to accept the truth about our-self, another, or and our situation to avoid the pang of a broken heart.

Your dream can indicate infidelity, or even depression, either way, your dream is trying to help you resolve your feelings in this matter, if you need to change, then do so, if there are things that can't be worked out, them walk away.

Go with God.

To start off, I don't think you should. Just because something happens in a dream does not mean it will happen in real life.

Now as far as interpreting your dream:

Since suicide is involved and it is not you committing the act, but watching it unfold, shows how much you are worrying about the person. Think of dreams as a way for your brain to show you how you feel. In this instance, your brain is trying to show you how much you care about this person and how you worry about them too often. (look at source)

I believe that since she is with another guy and committing such an act without you, displays how much you think she doesn't care about you. Perhaps through all of these fights you have thought that she isn't thinking about you, but only herself? It can also mean that you feel cautious around her to the point that you may think she is cheating on you.

The other interpretation that I could think of is that you feel that you are a gift to her. Notice you said she isn't smiling. Maybe you think that if she is without you, then she won't be happy and will, eventually, kill herself.

Just my thoughts backed up with some evidence.

You probably shouldn't be too worried, since dreams *can* just be random but here's a dream dictionary's opinion.
Suicide: To see someone commit suicide in you dream, highlights your concerns for that person. Consider what characteristics and qualities in that person you may be trying to "kill" and annihilate in your own self. Perhaps you hope that you are not like this person and are making attempts to get rid of those traits within your own self.

Just ask her. There's probably nothing to worry about.

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