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What does this dream mean?!?

Okay I had this dream where I was in this store, and idk why but I knew I was going to die. Lots of people were dying around me and they turned into skeletons.. and when I died I was REALLLLY pale and my face was extremlly thin.. Anyway but I could walk around and I wasn't sure I was dead cause I wasn't a skeleton. And I walked up to a girl and said when everyone dies do we turn into skeletons, and the girl said no those people just got karma.. And so I didn't know if I was dead and I was so confused.

HAHAHA I know it was a dumb dream but I feel like it means something cause it's bothering me soo much..don't judge me lmfao.

so what does it mean? thanksss!

It either means you watch too many thriller movies late at night or that some people had died and thus turned to skeletons, and obviously you are still alive.

Karma is supposed to be a force generated by our actions which can predetermine what happens in our next life. Perhaps someone has wronged you recently and this is there so called karma.

Anyway, perhaps later you will find out the reason for your dream, but please do not waste today worrying about it. :) If a g/f recently hurt your feelings, perhaps you will see the circle of her karma come to her.

I'd wish no harm on anyone though. have a good day.

They shopped themselves to death. The people who turned into skeletons had just had all their credit cards refused, maxed out. You weren't really dead, just in shock, such a terrible sight. What is striking is how considerate they were, turning immediately into skeletons, instead of lying around,stinking and rotting for months on end. Store personnel must have been grateful.
Karma is reaping what you sow, getting what you deserve, what goes around comes around, you brought in on yourself by your prior good deeds or bad deeds.
Maybe you've been thinking a lot about good and bad behaviour, acts and consequences. Only you can know the answer.
Ok, I joked about it a little, but we really do use our dreams to tell ourselves what to pay attention to in waking life. What was the strongest feeling you had in the dream, and why?

It's an omen - someone with psychic capabilities was communicating with you.

It means look out for men in hats.

im pretty sure you r scared of something in your life going away. maybe your scared that your relationship will die or you will lose your job

well for 1 it could probably be the remnants from a movie or tv. show you watched. What i got out of your dream was that it seemed like you guys were experimented on and those were the afteraffects or they were trying to get rid of the evidence :) ...i dunno seems like a good possibility. :) mabe deja vu

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