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What does this dream mean?

A couple of times, I have had this dream, and I am starting to wonder about it. Here it is: I am riding in the back of a taxi cab with nothing but a pillow, the driver up front is unknown. I am driving through the desert towards sunset. After driving in the hot desert for a while, there's a fork in the road, one heading towards the blinding light of the sunset, the other heading to the dark of the night. both roads are going in opposite directions. in in front of me going neither way is a big, giant mechanical building, stretching far into the horizon, in front of the building is a gas station. I enter the gas station for some food, then sleep in the hotel. The taxi asks where i want to go, then the dream ends. What could this possibly mean?

This dream could mean that so far in your life through some unknown force you have been going through life pretty easily or with the help f someone else. Now you are faced with a big choice that may lead you into total success or complete failure. You have had time to think about and now the decision is coming closer but you still don't know what you should do. This may not be one big easy decision. This could be many small acts that will work you up or down. Either way if you keep on having this dream it's reminding you to hurry up and make a start on which direction you want to go.

if you have good control of your mind then when you sleep try to keep on sleeping and maintain that dream to see what happens to you. control it, preferably towards the sunset and see what rewards or punishments you may be faced with. but remember no matter what happens in your dream in the waking world only you have control over your life.

I may be completely wrong but remember that nothing other then yourself has the power to manipulate your life.

Whether dreaming or awake, I think this represents the choice everyone has- to go toward the light or the darkness.
Perhaps you have been considering the darkness and some guardian angel has come to remind you about the light. But the choice is yours. The big building might represent the vast amount of distractions in modern day life that are holding you back at present from making the decision.The taxi driver might be what some people call the 'higher self' or the supersoul. Someone you don't know but they are watching you ready to help you. That's why I say' 'guardian angel'. The taxi may represent that your life journey is on metre charge. You're paying. Everyday is going by. That's the fare. With each rising and setting of the sun another day passes and is lost forever.So when will you decide about your direction?.
There are so many books and websites that guide us into the light. I'm a kind of realist. I don't give so much importance on dreams but on what we can do to help ourselves and others. Here's one website about the light. It's about Eastern philosophy and Bhakti Yoga (devotion). If you arn't ready for that yet then find some way to go to the light. The choice is an important one for sure. Dreams can be subconscious prompts toward better life.

Well it could possibly mean something that could end up happening in life. Like it becomes cross roads. You may have to pick one way or the other. I've never had that type of dream before but I am pretty sure that is sort of what it may lead to. Dreams can tell you things you don't really understand. You then begin to understand once it actually happens.

It could mean either you need a change in your life or there is a change coming. The blinding light or darkness can be that change either good or bad. The taxi driver basically represents your conscience asking what the next step in your life might be.

thats pretty deep dude..

it could mean a crossroad in life? you're headed towards two extremes and you have to choose one or the other

Prehaps you are in metastasis...the real question you should be asking yourself is "where do you want to go?"

thats a different dream

the spirits are telling you that you wil die! I a a clinical doctor


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