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What does this dream mean ? PLEASE !?

well .. i'm bisexual and i have a crush on a girl in my college,she is with me in lectures but i we never talk i mean she has her friends and i have mine,anyway sometimes she looks at me while i look at her but i feel awkward and look away because she always catches me looking at her
and today i got a dream about her.the dream is ..
her and I were at her house talking and stuff while i was giving those looks and she was giving those smiles.then without any reason her pants got down and she said ' oh sorry..' then i pulled it up and held her middle , we were so close so she smiled and went to sit on the couch but suddenly many rats and strange birds has appeared in every room .. lol,i was afraid of them so i didn't move from where i was standing,she was sitting on the couch holding one of those rats playing with him like playing with a cat and said to me 'come..don't be afraid come!' but i left the place !

what does this dream mean !? and what do those animals mean ?
PLEASE answer kindly,i didn't choose to be that,i born that way it's not my fault.

DREAMS DONT MEAN ANYTHING.all it does is make a movie out of your thoughts and vision from that day. Don't overanalyse a dream. I've had the weirdest dreams (e.g., getting killed, hanging out with my ex, etc.), but I just brush them off, because they are so random and only offsprings what you were probably thinking that day.

It means stop being a fag and go straight.(I think she would love to be your girlfriend if you were straight.)

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