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What does this dream mean? I was in a concentration camp. The only way out, and free, was you had to die...?

I was wearing a yellow rubber band bracelet with the word "AMERICA" on it. It felt like end times.I and the braclet band was on my right wrist.
Ps, I had this dream about 5 years ago. I am actually a female, my avatar and name is wrong (im using hubbys account right now) Thanks

What is the real occasion to recollect that 5 year old dream now.

Anyway, for your kind information, dreams are not to be relied hundred percent as dreams do not stand before any kind of scrutiny.

Dreams dont actually "mean' anything like alot of dumb f*cks say. Its just your brain thinking about something you saw or did at one time in your life. It just interprets into a weird dream.

Sounds like a premonition! Lol. Where you watching Fox news when you fell asleep?

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