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What does this dream mean? EYES?

i was looking at my girlfriend on my bed but she was a baby and i wasn't sure if it was her but i saw 2 white shining lights in her eyes and i recognized her, then as i was looking at her eyes at the two shining 'dots' or reflection w.e, its like i zoomed into her eyes and i saw the universe, the milky way galaxy i think it was amazing and when they zoomed out it was her in present day (grown)).

las night i had another dream where i was trying to look at her eyes and i saw it again it looked like i saw a galaxy or the sun etc. had similar effect.

seems to be a recurring dream, what does this mean>? to look at eyes and see shining lights or the universe, galaxies?

Well it could mean:

1) You know that your girlfriend means the universe to you.
2) Your girlfriend is you universe.
3) Your girlfriend was actually Herobrine in disguise in your dream (Unlikely, but I have had dreams with people's eyes shining white like Minecraft's legendary Herobrine)
4) The most plausible interpretation for this dream is that your brain is trying to tell you that your girlfriend is right for you, and that you shouldn't break up with her.

I hope this helps you to understand the dream :)

She might just be controlling your mind and dreams and pushing you to believe she's your entire universe.

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