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What does this dream mean? choking and gagging on bugs in my mouth while brushing teeth?

really weird dream. it was so vivid its really worrying me. heres the dream:

so i go to my basement and see my sister (i dont have a sister) and then she shows me these cages with alot of bugs and reptiles all around. then somehow i get trapped by the cages and im surrounded (and everywhere i move im being touched by bug wings) but then somehow make it out and walk to the basement door. i close the door behind me and realize that the bugs and snakes are out of the cages. i quickly tape all the vent openings and sink openings in the house. (because somehow i was thinking that all the bugs and snakes were escaping through the vents and pipes to get to other parts of the house). i then go to brush my teeth and look down and theres bugs in the sink and then out of no where i have a mouth full of bugs and i start gagging and spitting them out.

all of a sudden i wake up and im ACTUALLY spitting into my hand, trying to spit the bugs out! then i realize im awake and it was just a dream. does this dream mean anything?

Probably to many bug movies

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