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What does this dream about blood transfusion mean?

I was giving my best friend a blood transfusion. It was like a DIY... We got all the stuff from the doctors and went home and sat her down in my lounge room and started injecting her with blood.. I think I injected her about four or five times before I woke up. What the hell does this mean?

Life is in the blood, so you were trying to give your best friend the gift of Life by giving and giving a transfusion of blood. This dream can be interpreted in two ways. Literally you were "nursing your friend" who needed help. But I tend to believe that you are your own Best Friend, and that in some way you are giving yourself the gift of Life. Somewhere, somehow, in your Life today you are probably feeling out of zest, or a little under the weather, or in need of a little comfort. It could be that you are tired from all the Holiday shopping and need some rest. It is a caring action to give blood, or to help another give blood, as it saves Lives. The Life you save may be your own! Good luck to you Maria!

Perhaps you are dreaming of purifying her and washing all her character flaws and negative feelings and attitudes, so that she will become a pure, good, honest and decent person. If you ask angels to help you, they will be glad. You should wash yourself too with the pure blood of Christ who was pure kindness and altruism.

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