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What does these 2 dreams mean?

1)I dreamt that i was wearing a nice purple dress and my crush was wearing a suit. I was holding his hand in the dream. What does it means?

2) I dreamt that my cousin was calling me with my first name and my crush's last name. What does this means?

Thanks in advance =]

Number one, you feel a connection to that person, purple is a color meaning devotion, among other things...
Number two, I think this is mainly wishful thinking, but who knows...
A crush is an idealized romance that has not come to fruition. When you crush on someone, you worship them from afar as an ideal person, not as who they actually are. This is not to say the feelings you have of a connection with this person are not valid, but at the moment you are thinking of this person in terms of an image of perfection that doesn't necessarily exist, if you can get to know this person, it would not be the same as the image you are maintaining of him. But then again it could be something better. You'll never know until you try to get to know him for who he actually is...

#1 Purple dress, suit = seeking attention. You are very much in seeking others' notice in you and people around you. Projecting purple dress shows heavy recognition you are seeking.

#2 Call you first name and your crush last time symbolizes another attention seeking in your life. However, this shows things involved with things you want people to remember longer time. In other words, you want people remember what you are. As far as crush's last time name goes, that shows how you want people focus you more than anything else. That hints that you do not want people to take over your belongings.

Both of these dreams mean that you want something in real life. But I wouldnt go out and buy a purple dress. Dreams generally dont play out the same way in real life. Its just a desire.

well i know that dream two is just your mind compensating for the things you desire in waking life but ill have to look into the first one for you. will reply again if you email me.

Only God can interpret dreams. All others are just guesses.

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