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What Does These 2 Dreams Mean.?

Well I had two Supernatural Dreams.
The first One I had the Devil was in It. The Devil was a Deep Red has Scaly Skin. Two Sharp Horns And i don't remember if he had a tail This dream was a long time ago. So The Devil was Holding On To me i was in a Little Ball and The Devil held On to me like he was protecting me. Then i started to say my prays and the devil would back up with his hands in the air. Then i would stop praying and he would jump back on me then i would start saying them back and the devil would jump Off Me. This happened like Three Times i Think. Then i Woke Up

The Next Dream I had it was me and my friend outside And A Possessed Person ( a Demon ) Came Out Of No Where And Starting Chasing me and my friends We Called On Jesus And God to Help Us I Went In my House To Get A Holy Book About God And i Stuck it Out But The Holy Book And Calling On jesus and God didnt help It had no affect on the Demon. Then i woke Up.
Please Tell Me What These 2 Dreams mean if They have a meaning.

Of course they have a meaning, they are the Creator speaking to you. Our dreams are the Living Word. So in that some dreams are about success, creativity, health and relationships, and others caution or warn you against activities that you are involved with or are going to encounter what do you think this dream is trying to tell you? I'd suggest that you avoid religion, get in touch with the Creator via your dreams and avoid certain people who lack integrity, or are involved in illicit or illegal activities. The devil took over religion a long time ago. There are prophecies in the Bible that warn believers of that too. So watch out!

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