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What does snake bites dreams mean?

Ok so about two months ago I had a dream a very tiny snake like a coral snake bit me on my foot while I was walking bear foot in a small creek and I was trying to get to the hospital but was magically stuck in ny city traffic for house until I woke and just now I had a dream where there was three different types of poisonous a rattle some solid black one ive never seen before and a dimond back well the diamond back some how bit a girl I didnt know and was trying to bite again so I tried to stop on its head and it bit something else again while I was doing that and finally...somehow with shoes on venom slipped out its mouth to a cut on my left foot the ambo came to check me out some how I had a broken ankle and possibly a snake bite because it has bit two other things before me and didn't think there was any venom let in it to hurt me...but eventually the emts were procrastinating and making up reasons not to leave to the hospital so I got out of the ambo and there was no one anywhere!

Most dreams are messages from the subconscious mind. You are just processing daily thoughts, feelings and events in the dream.

Snakes can mean many things as a dream symbol. Sometimes they mean nasty people who would harm and betray us; sometimes they symbolize sex and the male appendage; sometimes snakes symbolize transformation of a high and spiritual level.

Perhaps irritations and betrayals in life are getting you down, but you can just them as the impetus for really spiritual growth and change. Also, since the bites occur to your feet and you have a broken ankle, something is keeping you from moving forward in life.

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