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What does my whale dream mean?

I went outside and I pressed a big red button on the wall ( O.o... ) and this huge white whale came floating in the sky and started making really loud noises everyone was running inside to hide. Then it got dark and this really huge scary looking black whale tried to suck us up like a vacuum cleaner and we were all struggling to hold on something.

no mean comments please i really am tired of them
if your not going to answer my question then don't even bother. >.>


well dreams are just your mind thinking up things and it might mean nothing sorry if im helping so yeah

Red represents tension and the whale sounds like a blocking of some sort. Are you currently worried about someone or something? Or, perhaps you might be worried in the long term and are not right now? That would explain why the black whale is coming up, representing darkness and your unconscious.

Otherwise, you just have a fear of whales and people sitting on you.

dreams like these, involving two main enemies that are both evil yet opposites (black vs. white) usual mean that you are suffering with an inner struggle, the two different whales represent the two different sides of an internal argument. both sides (in this case) seem to terrify you and you are pretty sure they would scare the people around you too, thats why people ran from them. either that, or you are literally running from facing these arguments, and trying to avoid facing making a choice.

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