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What does my reocurring dream mean?

I'm a student in high school and I've been having this really disturbing dream about once a week. It starts off I'm wrapped up in this like burlap sack and I feel really comfortable, but then all of a sudden I get ripped out and thrown into this dark basement. All of a sudden the lights go on and there's a big lake with a sailboat with my mom in it. I start sailing out towards this bright light and all of a sudden a bunch of giant weasels (they look like Sid from Ice Age) start climbing up from the lake onto the boat and i start like strangling them and throwing them in the water. This really weird demonic voice is talking backwards or something and my mom is just standing there and shaking her head disapprovingly. What does it all mean?

Maybe it means your mother is a prehistoric sloth who teams up with a mammoth and a kitty cat, forming an unexpected bond and saving the day.

You may be feeling comfortable in your own little world but something has happened to you and you are feeling that you might have to "bare your soul", admit to something you may have said or done, and it is embarrassing for you to do it.

Your mom represents authority and you have to be grown up if you want to be taken seriously. You feel some sort of anger about something that might be affecting your mom, or your mom is disapproving some sort of action taken by you, recently.

anxiety it may be that you are trapped and trying to get something done that you seem to start getting almost done but as things start to look good or almost look good you get stuck behind & you are in fear of letting others down you feel as if you may be trying too hard to achive too little.

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