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What does my Ghetto/Concentration Camp dream mean?

Okay before I tell you about dream, this wasn't in Germany and it wasn't in that time period..it was in America.

Last night I had this dream wear me, my sister, and my mother were in this Ghetto, and for some odd reason only I knew what the Ghetto was, my sister and my mother were clueless, (This is not in the old days, this is now) And i had recently read a book about a kid who survived in the concentration camps for years...so I thought that I knew how we could try to survive. And in the Ghetto there was this big. muscular, man and he had a tattoo of a number, so I asked him what it was and he said that he had escaped from a concentration camp but now he was captured again. Then the seen changed, and we were in a concentration camp wearing a thin stipped suit. It was meal time, so we had our tin cans and there was this adult in front of me who got her whole tin can filled with this watery soup, then it was ny turn and I got just I little spoonful of it...I was furious but I said thank you and walked away because I didn't want to be beaten by a kapo. So I went over to my mother and sister who had already gotten there soup and my sister was wanted to save it but I convinced her not to because I knew that somebody would steal it. So she drank it and then there was a plastic straw laying on the ground with some type of food on and in it, so i shared it with my sister and mother. And then I woke up...can someone please tell me what this dream means? Thanks a bunch!

1. fear of poverty, ethnicentricism, and degradation
2. fear of loss relationship of family members
3. fear of rebuke, rebuttal, or rejection because of your solutions to the problems in your life.
4. fear of not making and giving the right solutions at the right period of time.

fear of poverty or being judged with prejudice or that you are stuck in a situation that leaves you helpless and controlled(school maybe haha) or maybe your brain is trying to deal with the new information about the book you read

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