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What does my galaxy dream mean?

In my dream i was driving in a car, looked in the sky and there was a giant galaxy that looked like something from the Hubble telescope, it just appeared, everyone got out of their cars including myself to stare at it, in awe and amazement, then there was a giant white ring in the sky. After that there was some kind of holographic images created from extra terrestrials one of them was of a princess and of someone dancing

What does this mean?

Very beautiful images

Perhaps a world of exciting opportunities are going to open for you.If you were looking for some opportunity,big enough the time has come.It is the right time,if you just try you will get what you want/were looking for.

It means your freedom of expression allows you to have a fresh outlook on life and because you are aware of your surroundings that will enable you to have the desires of your heart.

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