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What does my dream mean?

for the past couple nights ive been having dreams of everyone in my family dieing, most of them in car crashes, i dont why im having these dreams and its kind of freakin me out.. and i know that all dreams have a certain meaning to them on what your feeling and stuff like that but i dont know what this means can anyone explain to me what it meanss? pleasee

Death in dreams often doesnt mean death in real life so dont panic.
Death in dreams tends to mean a change will happen. You may dream about a loved one dying because you want something to change between you or your relationship to change e.g dream of your folks dying because you want more freedom or independence. Or it may be that you have worries surronding that person.
When the death tarot card is drawn it often means transition or passage/change.

You feel as if something in your life needs to change.

You might be wishing your imaginary enemies to die with a car crash, but then, thanx to karma, it will be your own family members who will get involved in a car accident. You don't even seem affected.

It means that your family and you will have a good time in near future..

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