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What does my dream mean?

when i was little i had the same dream nearly every night it was about me running across my dark corridor and this man with no legs grabbing my foot and pulling me to him after that i would then wake up what does it mean? (this was about 7-8 years ago and i never forgot about this one dream i just want to know what it meant)

I don't think your dreams mean anything because how could you dream about something that will happen later in your life unless you can predict the future. You may dream about something that has happened to you in that day e.g. watching a horror movie with that content in it. I wouldn't worry about it though, it is most likely your dreams don't mean anything. I sometimes feel that i have lived a certain moment before and felt the same things at the same moment before, but I wouldn't worry about it, it can't mean anything.

It means you will meet the love of your life beside a pool of water


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