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What does my dream mean?

I was with people I didn't know, and walked into a small temple with oxygen tanks, there was an old almost broken wagon that carried people and I had a flashback of a photo of people working on the temple. I baked a PIE, chocolate cream was the one I baked, also my fav, so my dad took a peice of my pie and I cried and the pie somehow flattened like it was sad. A dragon was chasing me in my garage and he was breaking the floor, and I saw my cat near me. At the end of my dream, I brought my crush home to people that aren't actually his family in real life but I gave my crush a hug saying, "your too tall! I can barely hug you!" He laughed (he is pretty tall) and then I said, "see you on Saturday!" With a wink and I heard his family say, OOOHHH... Like when someone is about to get teased.
The weird part is that I actually am going to see my crush on Saturday

Dreams offer guidance from your higher self using symbolism and emotions you would understand from your life experiences. You know yourself and your situations better than anyone else and therefore is the best one to interpret your dreams.

There are so many symbols in your dean, the temple, oxygen tanks, broken wagon, photo, chocolate pie, dragon, garage floor, tall crush and Saturday. These all symbolize something in your life experience you would understand. The question is, what guidance is it offering you.

It would appear that your belief system is stifling you. You belief system is one that you have developed with your family. It is broken and not working for you. Whatever you do, your parents way seems to be the controlling influence and it just does not work. The result is sad. It is like you are being chased by this legacy of your family and it is damaging who you are, even your decisions about relationships.

It is always best to make choices based on your own integrity and best wisdom. Let love and truth be your guide with the objective of personal happiness while not hurting anyone in the process.

stop seeing too much movies...btw great dream

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