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What does my dream mean?

My once close friend Jeremy, who I had met while in the military, called and asked me to come over to help him out. He asked me to come to a house in a really bad part of town. When I get there I see that it is a really run down house. It's dark out, but there is still plenty of light for me to see much of the detail, the house is old and run down like a lot of other houses on this street. My friend meets me at the door and walks me through the old house into the back yard. In the backyard I see this huge rose garden that had been half destroyed. Some of the roses look as if they were burnt, they are black and ashy. Jeremy hands me a shovel and ask me to help him to bury the old lady that had once lived in the house. Jeremy explains how the old lady tripped over a water hose and died from a head injury. He tells me that she has nobody, and that burring her is the right thing to do. I tell him that I will help but that I need a pair of gloves. I look down at Jeremy's feet and see two pair of leather gloves, but I turn and go back into the house anyway. I walk from room to room looking around. I notice money in a jar on the dresser, I notice money on the shelf in a bathroom. I go into the closet and pretend to look for a pair of gloves, as I think to myself that I am going to come back later that night and take all of the money, I hear Jeremy come in behind me, I start to tell him my plan to take the money. He just stares at me as I start to pull stacks and stacks of money out of the closet... I retrace my steps back through the house taking all of the money... I wake up...

Unless there is a proof or a witness, in this modern scientific world, I think people may not believe this dream. Nobody can become rich with such money. I know for certain. These things cannot be verified. One can simply boast and get some mental satisfaction of collecting such a huge money. With this nobody will be able to purchase any item in the market.

Are you in need for money or is the economy bothering you. Just think to yourself Would I ever really steal money from a dead woman?

dreams dont mean anything if u have a strange dream its probably linked to the mood u were in wen u fell asleep

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