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What does my dream mean?

I've heard about how dreams mean something . I could be wrong. All this will really sound stupid lol . So i was having this random dream and what i remember very clearly is. spotting crocodiles. but not your normal size. they wer bigger. like a weird mix of dragon/crocodile . And dead snakes. (yes) . and when i looked underneath them(the snakes). the first one had something written in white text which said ' Purple Temple ' . The second one had a place i cant remember. and the third one had one of those long weird chinese names (no offense to any chinese names out there) . when i woke up . it all felt very real. I sat on my bed for about half an hour not being able to think of anything else. I have never heard of this funny place called 'purple temple ' lol. Later that day i looked it up and i found a 'purple cloud temple' . i have never heard of this place before. could it just be a random color that popped up in my head? . why the name . This sounds very stupid i know, but just thought i'd ask you guys.

The dream world is very interesting if it is understood and taken in true spirit of belief. Remember dreams are symbolic representation of inner self since mind is a store house of our feelings, gathered or gained self experiences and ideas present in our subconscious mind. Whenever, we are in a situation about which we are not able to take instant decision, our mind comes into action .Based on the situation, the mind collects data from our so called 'store house' and projects it in the form of dream. The dreams thus give indications which need to be studied and correctly interpreted. Remember, the cause of a dream is within us hence the best person to understand is own self, but this has to be with done in truthful manner. The indications relate to the person and all things happening are in his relation only. The crocodile in dream indicates hidden fears and dead snakes are the behind back enemies. Both these with negative indication are supposedly over. The path of relief has been the traditional upbringing and the religious following as indicated by 'temple'. The overall meaning of the dream is that remember the traditions and the family culture for success in all errands. BOL ( Best of Luck ).

If you watch a lot of sci-fi pictures or paranormal shows them its common to dream dreams like that. The mind thinks about what it has been objected too and often times dreams will occur based off of what we have watched. So its not a typical meaning. It's you have been watching a lot of science fiction and just had a dream based off of what you have watched.

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