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What does my dream mean?

There's this boy that I used to have something with, but now we barely talk. It's like we're on different galaxies. (I miss him A lot ). So anyway, last night I dreamt of him walking towards me and hugging me. (I hugged back). We hugged throughout the whole dream.
So yeah, what does this dream mean?

Your still in love with him...and I think you know that. Your dream means that when he walked towards you, you want him to come back to you...you dont want to make the first move. When he hugged you you want him to come to you and love you from the start...just like you probably would if he ever came back. When you hugged him back, you show that you are in love with him just like he was in your dream. And when you hugged the whole night, you want your relationship to last forever.

I agree with the other person- you still love him and you want him back.

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