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What does my dream mean?

I had a dream I was in my bathroom in front of my mirror and this small fly kept trying to land on me, so I fanned it away then it landed on my arm and I fanned it away again, it kept landing on me and then when I thought it was gone, I turned around and saw in the mirror it was on my back, so I attempted to squat it with my hand because I was seriously getting annoyed constantly fanning it away, it move and flew onto my right should and I squished it with my left hand. It left a black mark on my shoulder which began to burn as if it as acidic. Surprised, i quickly got a tissue and wiped it off and the spot of my skin where I squished it was raw like it burnt me or something. Then I woke up...

What could that mean? Thanks! No silly answers please!

Buy a flyswatter.

Sometimes phobias can turn up in your dreams maybe you are secretly afraid of squishing flies another thing it cam represent is annoyance in something in your life and you fear of what might go wrong if you try to "squish it"

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