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What does my dream mean?

ok so im getting ready for my schools fall Blue and White night or a soccer game. and im with all my cheerleading team members and we are in the stairwell for some reason. Than my captain Cora said that she liked Erin's nose better than mine. ( i don't know why) Than all of a sudden we are at the end of the football field (on the track) and we see the soccer players come out, but they are not announced or anything. Then i see this guy (on the soccer team) and its a kid i knew from new jersey and we were kinda friends. ( i live in PA now) and i run up to him saying "Jarett!" and hug him and i say "its nice to see you and oh my god you got taller!" (the last time i saw him was in 6th grade and i was a goo head taller than him, im in 9th grade now) and we start talking and stuff. now the soccer players are next to us on the field and im still next to him then me and my cheer friend Rachel starts to stretch my leg (cuz im a flyer) and i tell him to turn around because im in the shortest skirt ever and i don't want to be like showing my *** to him. and before i did that another kid comes out and just strolls over but it looks exactly like him but younger! but in my dream i just presume it is his brother.

p.s. i used to like this kid Jarett

You still do like Jarett.

Your dream gathered all your friends on your squad
and the whole soccer team right out in the open for everyone to see
as you threw your arms around him in an affectionate gesture.

You're proud of your relationship with Jarett in your subconscious.

Girls are different and think strange dreams from us guys.Hope that helps.

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