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What does my dream mean?

In my dream, it was all slow motion. I was in a room with purple walls. The room was filled with water. All the doors were open, but the water didn't spill out. I was in a pet shop. I was wearing a underwater suite. I was walking through the water, and it was filled with hammerhead sharks and sowardfish circling me, but the animals were nice. I bended down and pet a hammerhead. Please tell me what it means!

Basing this off of my own theories and such:
Purple is like courage and poison. Are you expecting to do anything big and special anytime soon? You may feel stress, if that is the case. Otherwise, maybe something bad happened a while back and it has resurfaced, like a poison.
As for the animal shop, do you have pets? Or maybe know someone who does? You may be thinking of them.
The water and sharks are like an endless cycle, like a whirlpool. You were in the center of the whirlpool, but you felt safe as you petted one of the sharks. Maybe this resembles an event you will face where you will be trapped, but somehow you will end up fine. Are you a surfer/boater? Do you live near the ocean?
And the fact that the water won't leave through the open doors may show a feeling of being trapped. Are you feeling any sadness? Did you recently face an emotionally hurting event?
I really can't determine much from just the description of the dream. I need to actually know the answers to some of these questions for further determination. But you don't have to share them. As for now, this is the best I have.
Very good question.

Maybe the sharks part means that someone or something that you fear is not as evil/scary as you think, and may actually be friendly.

Relationship-wise, it may mean that a person you are not fond of, or a person who you dislike may be a prospective romance for you.

wrong section and it means that you feel as if your in a new world and slo mo usually means feeling like not having control or not being able to escape


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