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What does my dream mean?

A few weeks ago, I had a dream about the apocalyps (2012) that a lava tsunami was on its way. Last night, I dreamt of an early apocalyps (December 11th 2012, I think) and there were small openings on the ground with lava bubbling right outside my house through my neighborhood. In my dream we (my family) were able to stop it with water from our hose and my family was happy that the apocalyps was over, but I had a feeling something else was going to happen. I felt sad and scared in my dream.
When I dream like this, I wake up reliefed it was only a dream. And sometimes feel like crying.
I'm 15 (almost 16) and don't know why I've recently had two dreams of the 2012 apocalyps with hot burning lava.

dreams tend to be about things worrying us or that your are thinking about .. porb someone has got this in your head and you have watched a few movies and maybe considered gardening recently ... generally they come from obscure thoughts that our subconscious minds put together into another "world" ... :) you will be fine there is no 2012 thing lol :)

2012 is a myth. why would there be a lava tsunami wiping out the whole human on a specific date.
people come up with doomsday theories everyday, whats so different about 2012?

Somewhere on Earth this will most likely happen as lava flows from a volcano...but not at your house. Maybe, you are sensing this coming...somewhere.

Wow your trippin ma just relax it's a dream u tend to dream about what u think about alot

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