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What does my dream mean?

Ok so there's this sea and two boats, and my perspective is LIKE I'm on a mountain by the sea looking at the sea (there was no mountain, I was just describing my perspective).

The sea is not even, I mean, one portion of the sea (farther away) is higher that the other portion (nearer the coast). Imagine two books of different thickness lying on the table side by side, that's how it looks like.. What's weird is, it isn't a waterfall (water from the higher part flowing down to the lower part). Anyway, a ship is on the "lower part of the sea" while a sailboat is on the "higher part of the sea." Now the perspective changed and I was "on the coast." So the view of the two boats also changed. The sailboat appeared to be hovering above the ship (you know, because of the high and low thing).

The next thing I knew I was explaining this to the class and I wasn't on the sea at all.

maybe you have an upcoming decision to make about school or academics, or just life and you have two major options. one is more stable, the other is more fun. one ie easier to get to and achieve while the other one is at more of a distance and thus harder to achieve. maybe you need to look at the options from a different perspective to help you choose which one is a clearer choice and which one is "above" the other... if that makes sense hahaha the decision could maybe be about something in life and not school, but the dream could suggest you should talk to your piers and those who have the knowledge to help you to make your decision.

Hope that helps! If you have no major decision to make in your life then this is totes irrelevant...

Boats typically mean movement in your life, while boats in a far distance mean movement towards the future.

Try to interpret my dream!

I've had some demanding dreams..
Not like yours..
When my dreams seem to demand something..its physical--
I need to drive a car..upside down..
Me--my body is in the drivers seat--upside down..
I can only think this--
I don't know you--
So..I can only make a comparison..
I remember..
Finding myself..reading alot of books..
Looking at electronics..
Experimenting with my fellow man..
Not so contained in conclusions..
As just useing time wisely.

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