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What does my dream mean?

I keep having this really weird recurring dream. It doesn't happen every night but I will get it at least once a week.

Basically it starts off with me, my sister and my cousin on holiday and we're walking down this street. Suddenly there are these 3 guys all wearing blue uniforms with a weird crest on the blazer. My cousin shouts "Nice uniform!" At them really sarcastically and starts laughing. The guys get really angry and start running at us.
My cousin and my sister run one way and i go the other. Two of the boys follow them and the other one follows me. I keep running and end up hiding in this really tiny shed that I can only just get into. For some reason the only thing in there is a chalk board.
The guy reaches the shed but can't fit in so he sits in the doorway and tells me he's not going to hurt me. He then says that his friends just have really bad tempers and that he was following me to see if I was okay.
Then we talk for a while until I start getting really sleepy and then the guys starts stroking me with his foot. I fall asleep and when I wake up the guy is gone but there is a heart drawn on the chalkboard.

The thing is the guy who talks to me is really really familiar. It's like I know exactly who he is but I've never seen him before. I always get this really weird feeling in my stomach as well whenever I have the dream like I'm nervous about it or something.
Does anyone have any clue if it means anything? I'm just really confused as to why I keep dreaming about it.

You almost certainly DO know who this is, but perhaps you have forgotten (somebody in your past) or you don't want to remember. Think about why you are with your sister and cousin - are they different aspects of YOU, or is there a time or a circumstance that this reminds you of.

The three men are almost certainly the same person, and the fact he "chases" you all suggests some kind of relationship or sexual threat. You don't want that, and you run and hide. The tiny place is not just safety and seclusion, it's the place in your mind where you store this memory.

Also, the "foot" is often used as a symbol of the penis, and this is somebody who would like to chase you, have sex with you, and even tell you he loves you, but it's not somebody you want to be involved with. You do feel afraid and theatened, that's where the feeling in your stomach comes from.

If you think hard about what he looks like, his behaviour, why he gets angry, what he's wearing, it might help you remember who this is. The uniform suggests a school uniform? Perhaps, or something similar. Your mind is trying to reach you. Give it some help and then the message will get through, and the dreams will stop.

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