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What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night and was wondering if it meant anything. I was in a big classroom with a huge and long green chalkboard along one wall and many desks in the center. There was no teacher and I was in the room with a guy i know from real life and some other guy whose face i could not see and name i did not now. "no face guy" held up a paper with multiple signings of my name and one other name which was "Aoi" (i do not know anyone of that name). After I saw the signed name of "Aoi" i had this major sense of betrayal and ran to the door of the classroom. I opened it and saw a hallway full of lockers and one person huddled next to a book. As i was about to leave, a voice told me i could not leave. and no matter how hard i tried to walk through the door i couldn't. I turned around with the feeling of dread and the guy i know from real life gave me a sad smile.

After that i cannot remember what happened.

If you have any idea of what it could mean or your opinion of what it means would be greatly appreciated :D!

Classrooms and schools are dream symbols of "learning" some lesson. Green is the color of abundance and prosperity; it is also the color of the heart chakra. Aoi is the Japanese word for "color". Do not try to pretend that you are someone or something else, especially when it comes to attracting males.

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