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What does my dream mean?

Okay so in my dream it started out as my dad and mom pulling out these wonderful cars out of the garage. The first car was a Benz and the second one was a big escalade truck with big 20-30 chrome wheels. So I took the white truck and drove to the mall where I saw this cardboard cut out. I go toward it and it turns into this monster and knocks me down. I see my mom and grandmother smoking at a table. I sit down with them and I see the monster. Everything around me turns all white and slow motion like in the movies. So I'm calling out people's name that I know and see and I go to this store and it said clue in the card on the desk. I look at it and it says to bring up the menu and turn off events. And I remember saying I think my mind is telling me to do this. I bring up the menu and turn off events. And I woke up. What does this mean? By the way, I even tried to throw things at the monster but all it would do would cause things to disappear in my dream and random manholes would be somewhere.

Cars symbolize forward movement; white is the color of innocence, purity and Spirit. Even you don't know what the monster is in the dream, as you find a "clue in the card on the desk". you have some kind of generalize fear or anxiety for which you don't understand, but your mom and grandma are in the dream, and perhaps it could have something to do with their smoking as they are smoking at the table when you sit down and see the monster.

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