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What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that the guy I like gave me a huge bouquet of flowers. Before that, I dreamt that saw him again in a gathering. I'm really confused. Help?

The fact that you dreamed about the guy is obvious. Its dreaming of him being in a crowd/gathering that I will explain to you...when dreaming that you or someone else is in a crowd usually signifies worry/nervousness. So my guess is that you are nervous about trying to take things to the next level with this guy. I truly hope that this helps!

Please feel free to email me if you have any more questions. I have been reading cards and interpreting dreams for 9 years and would be happy to help you. Take care and GOOD LUCK GIRLFRIEND!

Happened to me alot when i couldnt get this girl out of my mind. I dreamt she rode off with another guy waving goodbye to me and k dreamt her turning her back on me and walking away.

Its what you think of in the day that gets to you in the night.

Ur mind is occupied by this guy and hence u are getting such dreams, think of something else and u wouldnt be getting these dreams.

I believe it simply means you hold affection for him, and hope that he holds the same affection for you. Flowers are a sign of affection

uuh! I'm no Joseph, but it could be you r lonely? :-S it'll come to you!

you secretly want a new man

you are young and want to fly.

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