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What does my dream mean?

Hey, three years ago when I was 12, I had this disturbingly realistic dream. I can remember almost every detail from the dream as if they were my own memories, and the dream was from someones childhood to their death. Severely summarized, it was in the perspective of a girl who looked similar to me. Her family moved from Pennsylvania to Texas, and in Texas she hated it. She tried to find a way to escape, a way to leave earlier than she had to. When she was 15, she met a boy in one of her classes who was a sophomore, a year older than she. He had black curly hair, was pale, had some acne and was a really great soccer player. Also, he was from somewhere foreign, but I can't exactly recall where he was from in my dream. They dated, and when she was 16, she got pregnant. She told her parents, who kicked her out of the house. Her older brother, who was 4 or 5 years older, was a premed student, but abruptly dropped out when he found an apartment in Montreal. He was planning to pursue his artwork, and when he confided in his younger sister about this before she had learned of her pregnancy, she thought his ideas were fantastic and unreal. But now that she was being kicked out, she decided to leave with her older brother, dropping out of high school along the way. Her brother, who owned a black sedan, and her drove all the way to Montreal, Quebec. They were both very skilled in French, so it didn't take long after they moved to become fluent in the language. The girl became the spokesperson for her brother's art, and would stand out in the streets of busy Montreal every day, handing out flyers and taping them onto buildings and bike racks and in subway stations, advertising exhibits and galleries that would be featuring his work. They were quite poor. She had her child and put him up for adoption, and then a few months passed without anything interesting. She was now 17. One day, while unsuccessfully trying to hand out the flyers, the girl was approached by a young man, about 25 or younger, and he grabbed her face and gently turned it to the side. Angry and a bit freaked out, she slapped his hand away and in English yelled "What the hell are you doing!?" He ignored her outburst, telling her to turn her face to the side again. She rejected and asked what he was talking about. He told her he had just started a modelling agency, and she was the perfect person he was looking for as one of his models. Unwilling to show any manners to the man, she crumpled up his business card and threw it in a pocket of her jacket she frequently neglected. A few months later, they were faced with impending eviction, and could barely afford to eat. Finally, as a last ditch effort to earn them some money, she called the number on the crumbled up card in her coat. Then, she was thrown into a vast world of modelling, and ended up falling in love with the modelling agency owner (after being surprised that he wasn't gay, haha!) They got married and had three kids, and now I'm rushing it a bit, but when she was about 30, she wrote a book about a strange dream she had had as a child that predicted many aspects of her future, and she named her book "The Dream." Then, when she was 49, she commit suicide.

See, this dream has haunted me for 3 years.
My family moved from Pennsylvania to Texas that year.
Here in Texas, I dislike it, and I want to get out.
This year I met a boy I really really like, and he's a black curly haired soccer player from South Africa who looks exactly like the boy from my dream. He's a sophomore.
My brother decided to go premed this year in college. He's 4 years older than I am. And a few weeks ago, he bought a black sedan. He recently has gotten into art, and he's a fantastic drawer. Also, recently he has become rather "into" Montreal and the art scene of French Canada.

I plan to write about this dream later in life in a novel. And then everything becomes a circle of events.

Now I'm asking you guys; what the heck does my twisted, disturbingly realistic dream MEAN?

Usually the dreams are about solid emotion. Especially the ones you remember. Strong solid emotion that stays with you. The events in the dream may somewhat mirror your life. But you have a choice so if you want to go ahead and get preggo, then go ahead, but if you want to see this as a warning you can go that way to.

Good Luck!

Basically that is your life.
You will start off very bad and looking for home but will end up very well and wealth.
Dreams send messages. Dont have sex alright. You can turn some of that dream upside down.

way too long

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