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What does my dream mean?

So two nights ago, I had this random dream. It's made of two separate dreams though:

The first part was like some random one. There were like two people in it. Some girl I've never seen before, and some old guy I've never seen before.
I guess I just made them up.

So the girl lives in a house with her family and the old guy becomes her new neighbor. It skips to a new scene and the girl is like running for her life and the old guy is chasing after her and they're running in a shallow creek. He starts drowning her. And it skips to another scene and now like the police are surrounding the girl's naked, raped, and dead body. @_@. And what's really messed up is that there is an audience surrounding the crime scene and the old guy is one of them and he's looking at the dead body and he's smiling... And that's the end of the first dream.

It switches to the second dream:

My friend [let's call her V] and I are walking on this sidewalk and out of nowhere our other friend [let's call him D] appears. He starts running and so we start chasing after him. But then V disappears and I'm the only one who's chasing after D. I couldn't stop though, my legs just kept on going.
It skips to another scene and it's me, D, and some other random guy [V's still missing] in this sunny Japanese style house. And like D tells me to turn around and so I do.
Out of nowhere, he gives me a wedgie and I'm like "WTF?!?!" and he spins me around and around while doing so. I guess I get dizzy and faint or something because it skips to another scene.
This time, I'm still in the sunny house but I'm all alone. And what's really creepy and weird is that my pants are off and there's this bite mark on my right leg.

Other stuff: My friend V actually has a crush on D.
And I admit, I used to have a little bit of a crush on him too, but after I found out V really liked him, I guess I stopped liking him for her.

Well anyways, what does my dream mean?
It's been bothering me.

The guy chasing the girl is a classic dream sign of a yearning you have for a woman who you are afraid to chase after... you think she will reject you.
The key to the dream analysis is the creek. That means that you have too much love inside you. It is bubbling out. You don't show it while you are awake. So people don't know how much love you are capable of showing..

A woman moves into a religious faith talking about her God and the Old Guy becomes her pastor or priest or head of church. He chastises her for drinking and then they are speaking a river of lies, and he exploits her out of her money and kills her spirituality. The angels surround her, and the Old Guy is smiling at the evil he did. Then you are walking down the sidewalk in a pair of Nike's and Death appears you tried to run but Viola is still in hell because of the virus in the brain. Viola likes you. You like Viola more than him and that is why you stopped liking him. This could happen in 2 years.

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