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What does my dream mean?

I had a dream involving my boyfriend. This is what i said to him:

I had the WORST dream ever. :( I dreamt that you had this plan to go to the National Museum and steal all the Queen's precious jewels and smash them (because you are a Patriot) and i said Ok i'll go with ya (thinking nothing of it). so in we go and you get this ladder and climb up to get them and smash them all on the ...ground right there, and i pick up this ring and i say "I'm keeping this one". Then these guards come up and arrest you with handcuffs and take you away and I say "hold on I did it too!" and show them the ring and hold out my hands and they handcuff me too. so then we go to this prison where we get treated like ****. we climb up really high to this weird room, and i am the only girl. the matron looks like some nazi bich right, and she forces me into a corner and makes everyone shout abuse at me. there's this trapdoor in the middle of the room and you try come over to comfort me but you fall down the hole :( and i scream and i dunno if you are ok :(.

*continued* then they bring me to another room, it looks like a small staff room
with a tv and kettle and all with just a few lads there dressed in red.
then somehow im let go because i was only helping you in ur plan. So i
go to my nanny's because my mam is there. then i tell her everything
that happened thinking that... she'll be so mad
and disappointed but she helps me and sticks by me and says you'll need a
good lawyer. You tell ur mam also, except that you got arrested for
being rowdy at a bus stop or something. so me and mam go back to the
prison and mam goes in to see ya. I think everything gonna be ok then,
then she comes out and says that
you'll be in there for 18 years. :( on the drive home i burst out crying
and then i wake up :(. it was so real it was horrible. xxxxxxx

What does my dream mean?

Female, 19, Irealnd.

In our country, reference to the "family jewels" is a reference to a man's sexual package, if you know what I mean. I am not sure that this dream is about him sexually per se, but I do believe that the message of the dream is that he will take you down with him in life. Either he is really negative, or just a more unsavory character and you get in trouble or have issues because of him. Most dreams are messages from the subconscious mind, which picks up on cues and clues that the conscious mind is in denial of.

smashing the Crown jewels is the last thing a 'patriot' would be likely to do . .off with your head I say . .

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