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What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night an this one takes the cake i had a dream my whole family was at my aunts house it must have been a baby shower or something because my aunt had a baby carriage next to her with a new born in it(in real life my aunt cant have anymore kids my uncle got a vasectomy) so were all at the party and we go to chuckie cheese's were eating pizza an my uncle(my aunts brother) is screaming just cussing out the waiter so i go to the bathroom an the waiter is there i come out sit an 2 minutes later the cops are there saying were going to jail we all walk out in the parking lot an we ask why were being arrested the guy says something something the waiter an sperm we get in the cop car even the baby hes still in his carriage an then i woke up what does this mean?! please help!

Takes the cake? This one takes the whole bakery!

The baby represents a dream, but the cops represent an interruption to that dream, caused by forces beyond yuor control (the waiter and the sperm, which I cannot even bergin to try and puzzle out)

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