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What does my dream mean?

I had a dream my brother jesse had five kids in one day and then gave three away. And my brother already has three kids. and i was watching the two they kept,and my little 3 year old cousin carl was kicking the new born baby and I yelled at him and said do you want me to kick you and I ran for the baby and my aunt carol was yelling at me telling me not to kick carl. who is his grandma but is never around. then my whole family was laughing at me. so I ran away and my cousin tina ran after me. What dose this whole thing mean?

Your brother may want to consider a vasectomy. Ha Ha! On a more serious note it probably represents family struggles and feeling as though everyone is against you. Do you often feel like the blacksheep of the family?

giving three children away might symbolise lack of closeness importance crowding generostiy
could be a miscarriage in the family?
the kicking might mean anger between families
maybe conflict between members
importance bravery
maybe protection
maybe humilliation comes into it

you might feel like you are trying to protect your family or set some rules but you are scaredof humiliation?

a dream is only a dream

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