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What does my dream mean?

I have a dream where I am in my bedroom and there is one of those toy laptops in my closet and it opens up to reveal teeth and I try to run away but I can't because it's like this big vacuum is sucking me back so I have to pull myself along my bed to get away. What does it mean, I have this dream almost every night.

I dont think the dream means anything but if you get it every night, now thats a bit weird but sometimes people have dreams and they have it again and again! Nothing to worry about but if it's starting to frighten you, dont worry and try telling someone who could help (doctor etc.)!

Cyber bullying? Maybe your life is being sucked up by a computer or an artificial world

I think that this means that there is someone "harmless" in your life, but when they are ready, they'll try to get you and you wont be able to run. The question is who.

Subconscious warning you not to be taken in by the world

It means that, like most of misguided humanity, you are controlled by computers.

they are weak toys.

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