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What does my dream mean?

yesterday night I had a dream where im this model or something like that and I a boyfriend who wants to kill me.then I was running away the boyfriend had like a black suit on.Then I became a pornstar or something like that.It was soooo weird.well what does my dream mean?

I think it means you saw a rerun of Star 80 or Death of a Centerfold.

Playboy centerfold Dorothy Stratten's short life and gruesome death focuses on Stratten and her husband/manager, sleazoid pornographer and all-around failure Paul Snider. He sees the young beauty as his meal ticket and sets out to pimp her in the adult entertainment business. He marries her and appoints himself her career manager; soon after, she attracts the attention of Playboy executives and wins a spot in the magazine. As her success increases however, so does Snider's alienation as he finds himself left out in the cold. His jealousy begins to consume him; she spurns him on the advice of her new friends; he goes berserk and confronts her. He murdered her. Same plot as the made-for-television Death of a Centerfold.

Well. Either your afraid of being the best that you can because you fear losing loved ones or you feel as if your loved ones want to hold you back because they may be afraid of losing you. I really cant say for sure.

Honestly? I would guess that you are spending a good bit of time fantasizing about sort of kinky sexual encounters. A good way to be injured.

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