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What does my dream mean?

What does this mean? I'm just curious because it's so weird and random.

1st Scene:
I was outside my house and then I saw my dad and my sister. It was late at night at that time. My dad and my sister was turning back. Suddenly, my dad has something like a knife and then it just passed through my skin and left a cut on my finger. I then ran inside the house and went inside the bedroom. My dad was running as he was chasing me and then I locked the door of the room I was in.

I went into this place, they had a roman-like coliseum textiles but it wasn't really a coliseum. I went inside and I saw a male friend of mine, he was classmate. I saw a lot of flyers and application forms. It was like a talent show kind of thing. I asked him, why are you going to join? What is this thing? He told me he was going to dance. I borrowed his application form and I saw the date. It was June 28, 2013. And I then told him, I thought you have a camping in that day! He then told me it was on June 16. He laughed. I told him I'm going to go now because I don't even want to join. So I took a step to go outside and I realized I dropped my slippers on my left foot. And then a kid that looked like a 7 year old kid took my slipper and ran away. He went inside the room where the auditions are going on. I saw another friend of mine in that room being interviewed by the speaker. So I approached the child that stole my slipper. My slipper fell off of his hand and then I got it on the floor. I then wore it. I observed the color of my slipper was dark green. As I was going out of the place where the auditions are happening, I saw a kind of autistic kid speaking non-sense stuff on stage that I couldn't understand. I went outside and got out of the place.

I was at a subdivision some kind of village. (In reality this is where my grandparents live). It was a dark night. I was carrying a metallic chair colored green (In reality this chair is here in my house the same chair that I had in this dream). As I was carrying it I saw 2 of my neighbors (In reality they're really true). I was approaching a small store. As I went to the store, I saw people talking to me and said hi to me. I saw a female friend of mine but we're not very close. I bought a candy, I observed that they had a list of prices for each packet of candy that you wanted to buy. I saw the price and it 25 pesos and then I decided to buy it. A random guy told me "tell the girl that you've met a while ago to play a game on Facebook tonight". I said ok. I then have a remaining change in my money so I bought other chocolates. I then left the store. (I've had a dream of this "buying a chocolate" already and this is the second time.)

Dreams are mindless meaningless drivel.
NOT a farming Q!

Some of your family,friends and people you know were in your dream, i believe it means that they were in your subliminal thoughts, meaning you were thinking about them. Possibly the roles they played in your dreams is the roles you might see or think they play in real life.
Also I believe when your dad was chasing you in this dream maybe means that you fear him, or you get the impression that he's not very fond of you.

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