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What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that was really weird and bothersome. If I remember correctly we were a family really high in the government. Like my dad was the president or something really high. Anyways we went home and my mom had just bought some fruits that she had eaten. So after a while she started coughing up blood. We started panicking thinking something was wrong with the fruit. We went to the person that sold her the fruit and got nowhere. I can't remember who but someone took her to the hospital and we went to some sort of a global conference. there was when we heard the news that she had a stomach cancer and only had until tonight to live. I raced towards the home. I literally woke with watery eyes. What does this all mean?

There are many meaning in dreams. According to Freud dream can mean your unconscious or conscious. Really there is really hardly any prove about dreams. It is a really tough topic.
There's a lot of meaning in ur dreams

dream of ur mother having cancer is like you are afraid that one day when she passed away you don know waht to do.
- you think about her too much
- events happen this week affect what you dream

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