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What does my dream mean?

i keep having dreams in which people jump to their deaths off of buildings or waterfalls etc. in my dream i dont actually try to stop them, other people do, but to no avail. It is groups of people, sometimes 20 or more, and they all jump off without hesitation. It terrifies me. What does it mean?

I looked up the most important things in your dream on the internet..

Cliffs- means conlclusion of affairs. Challenge. or Aspiration.

Jump- menas inconsistent in love affairs. Escape from danger. or Adventures.

Suicide- means end. self destruction. or need to let something go.

you said with out hesitation so I looked up hurry- means end of a situation. dang of an accident or diaster.

I couldn't find waterfall so i looked up water and fall seperately..

water- means cleansing. life's emotions. ask yourself about your
current feelings.

fall- means loss of honor. fear of failure. loss of power. or feeling out of control.

That's absolutely ridiculous, dreams NEVER have a "true purpose". Dreams occur during REM sleep, when the cerebrum of the brain is experiencing the most activity. Dreams are simply a string of the subconscious, simply just brain activity, nothing more or less. Your dream is simply a random subconscious thought, and has no "meaning." However, increased stress and anxiety can cause bad dreams based on negative brain activity, so maybe there is something very stressful going on in your life?

Hope this helped.

Your dream reminds me of the movie 'The Happening' have you seen it? If so, maybe you're just being bothered by watching the movie. Thats just a random gues haha :).

Found this info on a dream website :
To see or hear others committing suicide, foretells that the failure of others will affect your interests.

Hope that helped a little, sorry if it didn't.

You feel left out, everybody else is rushing off to unknown destinys and you are standing on the sideline, afraid to take a major step forward in your life. You feel like there is nothing you can do and that you are not moving forward in your life.

Well, do you know the people? try to remeber whether you reconized them or not. if you did, think about what that person has done to you, or someone else. or, what they might do.

if you didnt reconize them, maybe you will meet them in the future, and may be going through alot. if this didnt elp you, talk to someone. let it all out hun!

♥hope it helped!♥

is someone in your family super depressed
or maybe a friend?
have you watched a movie or anything envolving death
the littlest things can trigger a string of dreams

either its a movie, or someones trying to tell u that don't be afraid of being ur self. ur always trying to be someone else

dreams always have a perpase*
but this one is hard to explain whats it tryin to say

do you watch scary things before you go to sleep...maybe thats it...or maybe its a sign that something like that might happen...

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