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What does my dream mean?

We were in Miss Long's class, Language Arts class. I saw my best friend Cory. Who i also have this crush on, but i think i'm also falling for him. This other girl named, Jill. Who i think he likes maybe, i'm not sure. my teacher, Miss Long and some of my other classmates. For some odd reason, i was back by my teacher's desk and my desk was over there too. I asked Miss Long if she had nail polish remover and which she did. I removed my other nail polish and I applied blue nail polish to my toes. Another girl, Mariah, needed the nail polish remover so she could paint her nails a pink/peach color. Suddenly, i saw red nailpolish on a couple of my toes and asked the teacher if she had the remover. But she said, "no" When i was done painting my other foot (blue), I looked up around the room and saw Cory glance at me a few times. Mariah was done with the nail polish remover so I could finish what i started. Cory went to Miss Long's desk holding a poster (i think). He was telling her that he has alot of frog stuff at his home. (since that's his fav. animal) Then someone, i think Jill, gave him the idea to use the frog items for something.

Suddenly, I think I was at his house with my aunt, grandma, grandpa and him. They were in the living room. He wanted me to follow him into a dimmly lit rrom with a table two chairs, a chadaler, and a flower arrangemant in the center of the table. (so it was a date) I told him it was beautiful and also saw a black velvet box, where i was suppose to sit. We kindof talked and i remember looking at the menu (he did the same too) and i asked him if he liked what he seed, he said, "no." (i don't know if i meant, if he liked what he sae by me or the menu, haha) My aunt peeked around the corner and smiled so did my grandfather. Then she was on the other side of the room. (the other side of the room, cory and i were in.) she told us to come and hurry to see something. so we hurried.

For some odd reason, we were outside with a dog who was barking happy. It was weird because we thought the dog was going to have babies. One was a live frog and the other was an almost dead pup. I was sad/happy since i'm an animal lover. i have no idea why but cory had a little gun and killed the pup. He told me he wanted to put it out of it's misery. But before he pulled the trigger, i hurried and ran away. As i was running away, he pulled it. I then turned around and looked at him, with tears in my eyes as i ran into the bathroom.

Could you please help me understand my dream and I'm sorry if it's really long. What does it mean? thanks

Well I am no expert, but I have been able to help people out before with their dreams, so I will do my best. The whole nailpolish thing, It sounds like you are trying to change, whether its for Cory, yourself, or someone else, your trying to change but your having trouble probably because you do not need to, and who you are is fine, and Cory was looking at you because if you change to much, you will be to different and he will see it, and won't like you as much. So do not change just be who you are!
Being in his house with people you are familiar with (your family) shows that even in different enviroments you still feel comfortable and your family smiling at you and Cory shows that if anything did develop between you and Cory everyone would be happy, and it would be good. However, the whole puppy situation shows that you need to be cautious because you do not know Cory completly and he might not be exactly who you think he is. That doesn't mean he's a bad person or anything, just be cautious, and don't assume anything.

Idk if that helped, Idk if that has any truth to it, maybe maybe not, but I hope maybe you understand it atleast a little bit more. Good luck with everything =)

Wow thats an interesting dream. Not that i should be talking because i have the weirdest dreams ever. Idk all the events were kindof just random. You have proab just thinking about the boy cory a lot. The nail polish remover, the dog, and all that was just random stuff. I don't think those things mean anything specifically. Dreams are really weird and u can interpret them in many different ways.

Don't even attempt to try and understand dreams. Dreams are the brain's way of organising information. If you had a dream about flying cars, would that mean anything? Of course not!

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