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What does my dream mean?

i dreamt i got married to someone i dindt even know. my white wedding dress and veil was short. what does it mean?

It may mean that you wish to get married, very badly.
The short dress and veil, may mean that it was a quick decision, as you did not have much input or time for a proper wedding gown selection.
But you did it anyway.

Mostly the white dress in general if dressed in dream that mean you have unsolved problem with your self, most probably that you need to find some one who you can trust but be sure not be relative,

Talking with not relative but trusted and educated make you more comfortable and free to talk.

Once you do for some time you will see another dream where you will be setting in the quest chair and looking to the party as its not yours.

Hope that help.

Dreams are usually pooiste of what would really happen unless it is a vision from God.

well,there is 3 chances. either your dream means nothing or you might,MIGHT marry that person or you gonna marry someone but dream shown different person.

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